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#315 : Identify Yourself

Posted by Jeremy on 06-15-2015

Jeremy talks about WoW and Justin joins in with GTA talk and the Steam sale.

#314 : Mad Matts

Posted by Jeremy on 06-01-2015

Jeremy talks about the announcement of the lack of flying in future WoW expansions. Justin talks Mad Max Fury Road.

#313 : We'll Fix it in Post Production

Posted by Jeremy on 05-25-2015

Jeremy talks about WoW, or lack there of, GTA 5, and watching documentaries.

#312 : It Didn't Happen

Posted by Jeremy on 05-04-2015

Buying a house, GTA 5 and screenshots, Daredevil, and Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.

#311 : We Found a Leak

Posted by Jeremy on 04-20-2015

Outlandish Podcast - WoW, TPS Reports, Seth is addicted to Minecraft, XCOM: Enemy Within, Game of Thrones.

#310 : Everywhere You Look

Posted by Jeremy on 04-20-2015

Google Pac-Man, Houston, Space, WoW, XCOM: Enemy Within, Cities, and NetFlix resurrects tv shows.

#308 : HEXcom

Posted by Jeremy on 03-30-2015

John stops by to talk construction woes, Matt talks Hex, and Justin talks XCOM. Hilarity ensues.

#307 : The Long Skyline

Posted by Jeremy on 03-23-2015

The guys talk WoW, Cities: Skylines, Carmageddon, XCOM: Enemy Within.

#306 : It's Freezing in Here

Posted by Jeremy on 03-16-2015

Outlandish Podcast - Justin and Matt talk about Spotify, Sword Art Online, VR, MMOs, Dishonored, SXSW, and Cryonics.

#305 : And Some Like 'em Long

Posted by Jeremy on 02-23-2015

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about WoW 6.1 off the top of their heads, Jeremy runs old raids for achievements, Justin plays games on...