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#325 : Not Impressed

Posted by Jeremy on 01-09-2015

Outlandish Podcast - Jeremy talks Farcry 3, Blizzcon, and Warcraft movie trailer; Justin talks Dying Light, Galak-Z, and It; Matt talks 3.5.

#324 : Advanced Listener Copy

Posted by Jeremy on 01-09-2015

Jeremy talks Crypt of the Necrodancer, Minecraft Story Mode, and WoW; Justin talks Geometry Wars 3, Matt talks 3.5.

#323 : It's Like .5 Again

Posted by Jeremy on 10-05-2015

Outlandish Podcast - Jeremy still playing HotS, Justin is churning through It, and Matt is... well, Matt.

#322 : It's HotS in here

Posted by Jeremy on 09-14-2015

Heroes of the Storm, boy scouts, 80s comedies, The Witcher 3 again, and reading.

#321 : I Broke My Chair

Posted by Jeremy on 08-31-2015

World of Warcraft, WoW, and Burning Legion. Also Witcher 3. Deja vu.

#320 : You Are Totally Prepared Still

Posted by Jeremy on 08-17-2015

World of Warcraft, WoW, and Burning Legion. Also, Witcher 3.

#319 : Gen Con 2015

Posted by Jeremy on 08-03-2015

Justin, Matt, and Erik record at their hotel in Indianapolis while attending Gen Con 2015.

#318 : Everybody Talks Too Much

Posted by Jeremy on 07-27-2015

Jeremy talks about getting Exalted with the new factions. Justin talks Crypt of the Necrodancer. Matt is random.

#317 : I'm All Ashy

Posted by Jeremy on 07-13-2015

Batman: Arkham Knight, Hannibal, Ghostbusters, Batman stories, Ash vs Evil Dead.

#316 : To the Volcano!

Posted by Jeremy on 06-29-2015

World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, Steam sale, and sacrificial virgins.