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#371 : And the Video Gaming

Posted by Jeremy on 08-07-2017

Justin and Matt discuss movies, tv, and the video gaming.

#370 : Wait, no, THIS is 370

Posted by Jeremy on 07-31-2017

Justin's back to talk about his great outdoor adventures and Jeremy and Matt are here to comment on everything.

#369 : Can We Just Talk About Video Games?

Posted by Jeremy on 07-17-2017

Matt, Jeremy, and a special guest are here to talk about great things. Make Outlandish great again!

#368 : That's Entertainment

Posted by Jeremy on 07-10-2017

Justin and Matt are here to talk about everything that entertains you.

#367 : Glamping

Posted by Jeremy on 07-03-2017

Jeremy and Matt talk about the great outdoors. Or rather, modern day camping.

#366 : I'll Pass

Posted by Jeremy on 06-12-2017

Justin and Matt are here to help you pass the time away.

#365 : A Show a Day

Posted by Jeremy on 05-29-2017

Block'hood, telescopes, nature, Heroes of the Storm, movies, and cooking.

#364 : I Need a Tutorial

Posted by Jeremy on 05-15-2017

DanTDM, Minecraft, GTA Family Friendly Mod, Subnautica, Justified, The Girl Next Door, and more.

#363 : Healthlandish

Posted by Jeremy on 05-01-2017

Outlandish Podcast - Matt and Justin talk about Overwatch, Doom, Great British Baking Show, getting healthy with yoga and strength training.

#362 : Fly

Posted by Jeremy on 04-17-2017

WoW, City of Heroes, Madden 17, Xbox One vs PS4, game wish for remakes.