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#274 : Captain Spoiler

Posted by Jeremy on 04-14-2014

We talk Dark Souls, Captain America 2, Blade Runner.

#273 : For Your Chronological Viewing Pleasure

Posted by Jeremy on 04-07-2014

We talk Breaking Bad, Lost Redux, Back to the Future Redux, WoW fishing, Star Wars, Dark Souls 1, WoD Alpha Notes, Free Origin Games.

#272 : Our Corrupted Dark Souls

Posted by Jeremy on 03-31-2014

Jeremy talks emulating an android tablet, Justin ditches WoW to play Dark Souls 1, and Matt talks Hex.

#271 : The Outlandish Parable

Posted by Jeremy on 03-24-2014

Jeremy and Justin talks The Stanley Parable, Justin talks WoW, Matt talks 3.5

#270 : A Whole New Level

Posted by Jeremy on 03-10-2014

We talk some low level WoW play, Jeremy playing mobile games, and Matt plays The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

#269 : Justin is Playing WHAT?!

Posted by Jeremy on 03-03-2014

We talk about the level 90 boost, Justin talks about playing a monk, Matt talks about the Rust server.

#268 : But I Didn't Miss This One!

Posted by Jeremy on 02-10-2014

Jeremy talks WoW and trying to farm mounts, Justin and Jeremy talk Hearthstone, Matt talks Arrow and Hex.

#267 : Still Missing Them

Posted by Jeremy on 02-03-2014

Six long years and we are all playing the same game, Hearthstone. Also, we've rented a Rust server, come join us.

#266 : Missed This One Too

Posted by Jeremy on 01-27-2014

Justin, Matt, and John are on this week of Outlandish to talk about Rust, DC Comics movies, and Quentin Tarantino.

#265 : Missed This One

Posted by Jeremy on 01-16-2014

The second episode of 2014 and we're talking some WoW pet battles, a flash game, and Japanese anime about American football.