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#290 : Episode #290 : DnD PPR League

Posted by Jeremy on 09-15-2014

Justin talks about BtVS, that's Buffy the Vampire Slayer for all you non-cool folks. Also, Dungeons and Dragons football.

#289 : Let's Move the Program, Listener

Posted by Jeremy on 08-25-2014

Jeremy talks moving, Justin hates kids learning programming, and Matt listens.

#288 : Gen Con 2014

Posted by Jeremy on 08-18-2014

Gen Con Special. Special guest Erik joins Matt and Justin to talk about Düdle, Hex, Yats, and everything else they did at Gen Con this...

#287 : Together Again

Posted by Jeremy on 08-11-2014

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt are back together again after several weeks apart to talk about what people love, themselves.

#286 : Movie Maker

Posted by Jeremy on 08-04-2014

Jeremy talks about Seth making videos, or better yet, him making videos.

#285 : Become

Posted by Jeremy on 07-28-2014

Jeremy talks about Seth starting his YouTube channel, WoW, putting together legos, Minecraft. Justin talks Crimsonland.

#284 : From the Caribbean Sea to a Caribbean Island

Posted by Jeremy on 07-21-2014

Jeremy talks about beating Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and playing Tropico 5.

#283 : I Can't Remember the Title of This Episode

Posted by Jeremy on 07-14-2014

John stops by and we talk Alzheimers, recognition by buildings being named after you, and some video game shop talk.

#282 : Bag

Posted by Jeremy on 06-30-2014

We talk about our Steam sale loots, Battleblock Theater, and more Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

#281 : I Crushed My Han

Posted by Jeremy on 06-23-2014

Han Solo crushed by Millenium Falcon, Democracy 3, Forced, Edge of Tomorrow is amazing, and a guy plays catch up to wasting time in WoW.