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#353 : I forgot

Posted by Jeremy on 01-16-2017

Memory loss, history, WoW, CHiPs, Ace of Seafood, Farming Simulator, Newb Overwatch, and more.

#352 : Anime I help you?

Posted by Jeremy on 01-09-2017

More WoW, Overwatch references, Stardew Valley, Elite Dangerous, Mob Psycho 100, Angel Beats, Assassination Classroom, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

#351 : Break Time

Posted by Jeremy on 12-19-2016

We talk weather, WoW, how lazy we are, school supplies, and Nexus.

#350 : I Put On My Members Only Jacket and Devo Hat

Posted by Jeremy on 12-05-2016

We talk WoW, retro video games, Iceland, conflicts, and more.

#348 : Always Buy Large

Posted by Jeremy on 10-10-2016

We fact check Running On E and talking WoW.

#347 : Attack on Titan (it's not a new raid)

Posted by Jeremy on 09-26-2016

We talk WoW, Attack on Titan, and other stuff.

#346 : We Are [Playing] Legion

Posted by Jeremy on 09-12-2016

Wow is back! And Matt and Jeremy are talking all about it. Justin chimes in with some shows he's watching.

#345 : XP for Everybody

Posted by Jeremy on 08-29-2016

Matt and Jeremy talk about the Legion Invasion and more WoW stuff. Justin taps his foot impatiently.

#344 : Gen Con 2016

Posted by Jeremy on 08-15-2016

Erik joins Matt and Justin to talk about their adventures at Gen Con 2016.

#343 : The Egress of Ingress

Posted by Jeremy on 07-25-2016

Pokemon Go, Ingress, World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Luke Cage, and Stranger Things.